Wed., March 31, 2021 | 6:00 p.m. –
Thu., May 20, 2021 | 8:00 p.m.

M O F A exhibition – Mannheims Ort für Architektur “City as realm of opportunity. Mannheim after the crisis.”

Galeria Kaufhof N7 Mannheim and Galerie Lindenhof

Exhibition dates
Wed., March 31 – Thu., May 20, 2021

Wed., March 31, 2021
7:00 p.m.

M O F A Talk
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Jörg Schrader
(M O F A)

Elena Laschewitsch
(M O F A)

Cansu Aslan
(M O F A)

Dennis Ewert
(M O F A)

As part of the “City as realm of opportunity. Mannheim after the crisis” event series, MOFA – Mannheims Ort für Architektur is presenting a showcase exhibition in the unoccupied Galeria Kaufhof in N7, Mannheim, and the Galerie Lindenhof. The Galeria Kaufhof location in particular represents the transformation of city centers and their retail trade.

The caspar. architectural firm (Cologne, Hamburg) also addresses this urban development with the lab report “Retail in Transition.” Digitization and the COVID pandemic with its lockdowns are emptying out the city centers. This transformation poses tremendous problems for vendors and store owners. How can we stop the desolation of our cities?
Cities exist for people. Without people, there are no cities. The key is to discover and implement the “human scale,” where everyone has access to the city and cities are open to everyone, around the clock. The architects at caspar. examined our inner cities. As part of the M O F A exhibition, the answers, possibilities, and hopes that they found are on display in a separate show window under the title “Retail in Transition – Verkaufswelten im Umbruch.” The lab report “Retail in Transition“ – Verkaufswelten im Umbruch” will be published in May by Jovis Verlag.

M O F A – Mannheims Ort für Architektur is a new platform for future-oriented encounters with architecture and the city. The initiative advocates for an all-inclusive, accessible, and communicative building culture in Mannheim and facilitates open spaces for meeting, interaction, debate, and cooperation on issues relating to building and living.